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11/4/2010    We hold  a shale gas meeting at Kyle Morrow Room, Rice University to solicit support on shale gas water treatment research.  More than eighty people from 25 companies attended the meeting and many of them expressed strong interest to support a shale gas research effort at Rice.

9/14-16/2010   We are on the steering committee of the U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum to organize a meeting at Fortworth, TX.   The meeting was attended by a large delegation from China and the primary interests of both countries in collaboration are shale gas and CO2 capture and sequestration.

9/24/2010   The Center Director, Mason Tomson is the invited speaker “Environmental Transport and Impact of Nanoparticles” at University of Texas San Antonia.  

8/2010    The Center Co-Director, Wei Chen has received support for a new project: “Collaborative study on flexible organic solar cells and supercapacitors based on carbon nano-materials”, 6,000,000, supported by International S&T Corporation, Science and Technology Ministry of China 01/2011 – 12/2013 and the PIs are Yongsheng Chen, Wei Chen, and Mason Tomson.

6/8-10/2010     The Center Co-Director Amy Kan present “Scale Prediction for Oil and Gas Production” at CPS/SPE International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition in Beijing, China.

6/4-7/2010       The Center Co-Director Amy Kan present “Facilitated transport of hydrophobic organic contaminants by carbon nanoparticles” at Asia/Pacific Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2010 Conference (SETACAP) at Guangzhou, China.

2010                Prof. Bedient’s textbook “Ground Water Contamination”, has been translated and published in Chinese.

6/20-7/6/2010  Professor Herb Ward from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Center Co-Director Amy Kan visited China. Presented paper at Nankai University, “Chlorinated Solvent Pollution in Soil and Groundwater: History, Regulations and Remediation in US,”    Prof. Ward plan to return to China for additional work on remediation projects.

2/27-3/3/2010  Professor Pedro Alvarez (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Michal Rysz and John Fortner from Rice University visited China in 2010. Presented papers at Nankai University, Antibiotic Resistance: An Emerging Environmental Pollution Problem, Engineered Nanomaterials in the Environment: Buckminsterfullerene (C60) as a Model Compound in Aqueous Systems, Environmental Remediation Projects: GSI Environmental IncProf. Alvarez is invited to Nankai and Nanjiang University in spring 2011.

1/21/10-1/22/10   The Center hosted a Workshop for Nankai University Delegation.  Dr. Vickie Colvin is the keynote speaker.   Dean Sallie Keller welcomed the delegations; Professors Herb Ward, Mason Tomson, Andy Barron, Michael Wong, Jim Blackburn, Qilin Li, Nick Fang from Rice and Wade Adams from Smalley Institute of Nanotechnology gave speeches. Ping Sun Leebron and Chinese Consuls hosted lunch and dinner.

01/10           Professor Pedro J. Alvarez, Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University visited  College of Environmental Science & Engineering, Kunming University of Science & Technology   at China at the end of January.  Dr. Alvarez also collaborates with Dean Chen Jiawei from School of the Earth Sciences and Resources at China University of Geosciences at Beijing.  Dean Chen is currently a visiting scholar in Alvarez's lab.

12/9/09-12/10/09   The Center hosted Prof.Tan Zhu’s delegation from City of Tianjin, China   at Rice University for two days’ meeting with Ping Sun Leebron, Dean Sallie Keller, Chinese consuls, Dr. Kepple, director of Environmental Programming from City of Houston, City attorney, Paulette Wolfson and professors from CEVE department.

10/17/09-Jamie Padgett, CEE, Rice University, was one of about 30 U.S. delegates from academia, industry and government attending the National Academy of Engineering China-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium in Changsha, China. This is the first China-America Frontiers of Engineering symposium, and it is a great honor for a young faculty member to be invited to attend.  Congratulations!

08/09-     More Rice grads in China: Renewable Energy: A Reality Check in Rural China .  Young engineer, Abby Watrous, takes on a global challenge: Clean and sustainable energy, one village at a time. Abby Watrous was one of Rice University 3 original EWB students. EWB is Engineers without Border that our Center CO-Director Mason Tomson and Center Administrator Bob Dawson are involved in.

07/23/09- Professors Pedro Alvarez, Mason Tomson and Qilin Li met with delegations from Tsinghua Universityto discuss possible international collaboration.

07/16/09- Mason Tomson, Chunfang Fan., Luliang Zhang and Nan Zhang gave an overview of the China-U.S. Center for Tongji University Delegations at President’s Study at Rice University.

05/09-      A proposal totaling one million RMB for two years on “Sediment Environmental Quality Standards and in-situ Remediation” has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

04/29/09- Jensen Shen from the Greater Houston Partnership and Pedro Alvarez, Mason Tomson, and Mark Davis from Rice University met with delegations from Shandong, Chinato discuss possible international collaboration.

03/16/09- Dean Keller-McNulty from Rice University visited President Rao of Nankai University to discuss ways to further strengthen the relationship between Rice and Naikai University. Center Co-Director, Wei Chen and Amy Kan coordinated this meeting

03/03/09- The Center Co-Director Mason Tomson was an invited speaker at Remediation Technology Summit: Nano-Technologies and the Environment at Atlanta, GA. 

01/31/09- The Center Co-director, Wei Chen, applied for establishing an international collaboration research laboratory at Nankai Universitywith long term support from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

01/31/2009- Dr. Dongqiang Zhu of Nanjing University, the Center Co Directors, Wei Chen, Amy Kan, and Mason Tomson submitted a joint proposal to both NSF and NSFC under the International Collaboration in Chemistry between US Investigators and their Counterparts Abroad (ICC) program in NSF.

11/07/08- A proposal on “Field Demonstration of a Water Treatment System in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Echo-City, Tianjin, China” was submitted to the Shell Centerfor Sustainability on behalf of the Center.

11/07/2008- Dr. Nick Fang from Rice University took a trip to the People’s Republic of China as a member of the U.S. Environmental Services Delegation organized by W.J. International Environmental Services, Inc. in November in Beijing, China. The mission of the delegation is to introduce some U.S. environmental protection technologies and strategies to China. The leader of the team was Mrs.. Barbara Finazzo, the USEPA Region 2 Director.

10/25/2008- President Rao of Nankai University met Professor Neal Lane  from Rice University in China, a meeting coordinated by the Center Co-Director, Wei Chen.  President Rao and Prof. Lane discussed how to strengthen the existing relationship between the two universities, and the possibility of a joint-effort in dealing with global warming.  Prof. Laneinvited President Rao to attend a workshop at Rice in late April 2009.

09/18/08    A proposal on “Sediment Environmental Quality Standard and in-situ Remediation” has been submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology for funding. The proposal totals one million RMB for two years

09/10/2008- The Center Co Directors, Mason Tomson and Amy Kan met with the Thailand delegates to discuss international collaboration and biofuel industry in Thailand.

07/10/2008-President Leebron was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by Nankai University, in recognition of the extraordinarily close relationship between the two universities.  President Leebron was only the 7th person in Nankai’s 90-year history to receive this honor.He graciously acknowledged repeatedly the China US Center in address to the faculty and students of Nankai Universities

06/18/08- The Office of Public Affairs from U.S. Treasury Department  release :   U.S. China Strategic Economic Dialogue(SED) Joint Fact Sheet ; SED U.S. fact sheet ;  and SED 10 year fact sheet.

06/18/08- Closing Statement by U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Henry M. Paulson at Fourth Meeting of the U.S. China Strategic Economic Dialogue(SED). Washington D.C.

05/12/08- Remarks by Special Envoy for China and the Strategic Economic Dialogue(SED), Alan Holmer, at Wuhan University, Hubei , China.: Sustaining Economic Growth

04/03/08- Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Henry M. Paulson, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. : Meeting the Challenge: A Partnership on Energy and the Environment

04/01/08- Wei Chen, Center Co-Director, made a key-note presentation about the Center research and activities at the first joint “Chinese and American Environmental Technology Collaboration Conference” in Beijing.  The meeting was sponsored jointly by the U.S. EPAand the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

03/21/08- Co-Directors, Mason Tomson and Amy Kan received a plaque and an appointment as an Honorary Professor at Nankai University

03/20/08- China-US Forum of Environmental Remediation and Sustainable Development. Tianjin, China.中美环境修复与可持续发展战略研讨会暨南开大学中美环境修复与可持续发展中心挂牌仪式

03/17/08-  Professors from Rice University,  Pedro Alvarez, Herb Ward, Mason Tomson, Daniel Cohan, Qilin Li and Amy Kan attended a workshop at Hong Kong University and gave lectures at Xinghua Universityin Shenzhen(Houston's Sister City in China)   

02/2008-  Professor from Rice University, Phil Bedient’s hydrology text is being translated into Chinese as a part of the Center activities and was featured at the Tianjinmeeting. 

02/20/08-  Nankai President, Zihe Rao, visited Rice University The Center hosts an information section at the Duncan Hall with speakers from Chemical Engineering, EESI, Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Smalley Institute to give an overview of Rice research. 

01/30/08-  Chinese Consulate General Office in Houston recommended the Center as a cooperative partner with the Ministry of Science and Technology to participate in a 10 year collaboration plan between U.S. and Chinaon Energy and Environmental research.  This will be resolved in 2009. 

12/13/07-  The Third Cabinet-Level Meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue at Beijing China

11/30/07- Aerojet becomes a corporate member

09/17/07-   Three PhD exchange students from Nankai University to study at Rice University

09/15/07-   Professor Wei Chen ‘s 863 priority project “Oil contaminated soil remediation and ecological restoration demonstration project in the oilfield” is funded by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology

09/10/07-  Dr. Amy Kan and Wei Chen are the invited speakers at IRI Industrial Research Institute China Forum, Beijing , China

06/04/07-  Chinese government released a climate Change policy

06/03-06/07-  Professor Mason Tomson and Pedro Alveraz present two papers at International Water Association 4th IWA Leading-Edge conference on Water & Wastewater Technologies, Singapore

03/16/07-  Shell Oil Company becomes the first official corporate member

04/15/07- Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences(CRAES), SEPA Department of Soil Pollution Control becomes a partner

04/15/07-  Professor Mason Tomson, Wei Chen and Amy Kan submit two papers to Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Journal. Special issue-China

03/17-31/07-  China-Rice Advanced Leadership Forum

02/26/07-   China-U.S. Center for Environmental Remediation and Sustainable Development inaugural meeting 
Speaker: President Leebron, industrial representatives, government officials from Tianjin, China, and faculties from Rice and Nankai Universities

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