Nankai University and Rice University China-U.S. Center for Environmental Remediation and Sustainable Development

About Us

This center, a partnership of Sino-US industrial, governmental and academic institutions, aims to develop innovative and practical environmental solutions for sustainable development in China and United States. Through its research, the Center strives to help establish meaningful environmental/energy policies, regulations, and guidelines. The Center will also serve as a catalyst for Sino-US industrial and academic collaboration, and will cultivate future environmental engineers for the global workplace. 

Why Join Us?

Some benefits of the membership include:

  • Opportunities to advance members’ development needs through collaborative research with internationally-renowned researchers from both U.S. and China.
  • Consultation and expert advice on members’ specific environmental concerns, local environmental regulations, etc.
  • Access to Center research results and state-of the art ideas, concepts, and methods, as well as opportunities to provide input on Center research, educational outreach, and technology transfer.
  • Coordination with local government and environmental agencies.
  • Productive relationships with all environmental stakeholders and other member organizations in both countries.
  • Enrollment in and sponsorship opportunities for Center’s collaborative research, conference and short courses.
  • Access to top students for internships and employment.
  • Environmental-friendly images for the participating companies.
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